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Apple may soon offer in-store repairs for faulty iOS devices

If you’ve ever found yourself at the Genius Bar with a faulty iOS device, then you’ll probably know that Apple tends to give you a fresh device rather than attempting a repair. That may soon change, according to AppleInsider. The publication reports that a new repair strategy was announced at a recent Town Hall event, with Apple apparently intending to fix devices in retail stores sometime in the near future.

At the moment, Apple swaps out iPhones, iPods, and iPads with like-new refurbished devices instead of attempting to repair any significant problems. The new strategy will see Apple collect devices instead, with employees fixing and returning the same device rather than simply swapping it out for a new one. Apple reportedly has the means to fix most internal parts right now, with the company aiming to extend repair support to batteries, displays, and entire logic boards over the summer.

Better yet, it could mean the end of “swap out” fees for devices that don’t have any warranty remaining. Customers would often face a hefty fee as Apple swapped their faulty device for a new one, but repairing individual components could lead to lower charges. The scheme is also said to save Apple money overall. AppleInsider hears that the company expects to save up to $1 billion a year (around £651 million) using the new strategy.

The new repair methodology will apparently be rolled out across the United States at first, but international stores will adopt the new method “soon thereafter.”


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