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Apple files lawsuit against HTC

It’s beginning to seem that you’re nobody in this industry if you aren’t being sued, with HTC next in Apple’s firing line. Its lawsuit against Nokia is still underway, but that hasn’t stopped the fruit-shaped manufacturer from filing a new claim against HTC. Similar to the suit against Nokia, the claim is over 20 alleged patent infringements to do with the iPhone’s hardware, interface and underlying architecture although it’s not yet clear precisely what those alleged infringements are.

The ever-chatty Steve Jobs, Apple CEO and co-founder, said, “We can sit by and watch competitors steal our patented inventions, or we can do something about it. We’ve decided to do something about it. We think competition is healthy, but competitors should create their own original technology, not steal ours.”

So, with Apple suing Nokia and HTC, Kodak suing Apple and RIM over cameras, and Nokia having already tried suing Apple it’s all going a bit Ally McBeal. How long before a dancing baby makes an appearance?]

[via Gizmodo]

Update: We’ve just been sent the official HTC statement: “HTC is a mobile technology innovator and patent holder that has been very focused over the past 13 years on creating many of the most innovative smartphones. HTC values patent rights and their enforcement but is also committed to defending its own technology innovations. HTC only learned of Apple’s actions this morning via media reports, and therefore we have not yet had the opportunity to investigate the filings. Until we have had this opportunity, we are unable to comment on the validity of the claims being made against HTC.”