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Is Apple holding Pebble to ransom?

The iOS version of the Pebble Time companion app still hasn’t been approved by Apple despite the Time’s imminent release, which is a worry for any iPhone users keen to use the new smartwatch.

The new Pebble Time smartwatch will start reaching early adopters this week, but if you’re harbouring plans of using the device with your iPhone as soon as it lands on your doorstep, think again. So far the companion app which allows the watch to play nice with iOS devices is stuck in Apple approval limbo, with no indication of when it’ll be available.

Pebble claims that it submitted the app to Apple back in May and received approval from Cupertino’s software moderators shortly thereafter. However, a bug fix was apparently needed and Apple still hasn’t signed off on the upgrade, despite being asked for an expedited review upon resubmission back on the 22nd May.

To add insult to injury, Pebble’s advice to folk who are waiting to use their watch has reportedly been for them to borrow an Android from a pal – because of course Android users always have two or three spare handsets lying around – or to pester Apple to speed up the review process and clear the app. Neither of which are likely to come as any relief to fed-up people who have spent a good chunk of their hard-earned cash on a new smartwatch.

Could it be that Apple is purposefully lollygagging, to give the Apple Watch a chance to gain some market share before a cheaper and arguably better product catches consumer eyes? It’s perfectly plausible, although of course mere speculation on our part. However, it’s also plausible that Pebble simply faffed around with their submission timing and, despite its nagging, the necessary app is still sat at the bottom of Apple’s expansive to-do list.


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