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Apple iPad 3 is literally leaked in a magical video

The launch of the Apple iPad 3 is just a couple of days away. But that still hasn’t stopped more case images, videos and leaks appearing on the web.

The latest one we’ve seen comes courtesy of German street magician Simon Pierro. As well as showing off a couple of unlikley new features of the iPad 3, such as the ability to pour a giant stein of frothy lager, this video could give us the first proper glimpse of the Apple iPad 3.

We’ve heard of product leaks but this is ridiculous…

If the tablet that Pierro is playing with is the real deal, then it looks like the iPad 3 is thicker and a little heavier than the Apple iPad 2.

Pierro mentions that the display has an ‘ultra-high resolution,’ though doesn’t explicitly mention Retina Display or any pixel counts; the Apple iPad 3 is thought to have a resolution of 2048×1536. Corning’s super-tough Gorilla Glass is mentioned but again, no word on whether or not this is the first or second generation of the material.

Looks like the iconic Home key is going nowhere; we can see at 1:17 Pierro activates Siri with a quick tap of said button. And yes, it looks like Siri comes along for the ride too (were you expecting it to not?).

Though it’s easy to be taken aback by the beer pouring stunt in the video, we also noticed that Siri seemed to know that Pierro was in Munich; tacit evidence that business search (and language support?) outside the USA will be included with iOS 5.1.

There also looks to be the ability to sling pictures to digital photo frames using quick finger gestures, though it’s unclear if this is part of the magic act or an actual feature of the iPad 3.

It’s only a couple of days now before the curtain is finally raised and Apple CEO Tim Cook performs some magic tricks of his own. We’ll bring you the full score on the Apple iPad 3’s (real) capabilities from 10am PST, aka 6pm here in the UK.


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