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Apple iPad mini not arriving alongside iPad 3 after all?

With the iPad 3 expected to be announced next week, there’s speculation that its launch may also herald an altogether new product, the mini iPad, measuring in at around 7.85-inches. Digitimes however, having been a source of information on the suspected slight slate since day nought suggest in their latest report that its arrival won’t be until Q3/4 2012.

Apple iPad Mini

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According to insiders, Apple’s manufacturing partners have been delivering sample iPad mini devices ahead of mass production. This would be expected to begin in Q3, with the 7.85-inch iPad expected to retail between $249-$299. The mock-up above was created by MacRumours and illustrates what a 7.85-inch iPad would look like were it scaled with no software changes. Still usable? We think so, and after reviewing tablets like the Motorola XOOM 2 ME which trump their 10-inch counterparts have high hopes for the prospect of an iPad mini.

In the meantime, it’s March 2012 so with just 6 days to go, iPad 3 is in sight – bring on the 7th.


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