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Does the iPad Pro exist?

What we know so far about the mysterious ‘iPad Pro’, an even bigger Apple tablet with an emphasis on business.

As well as rumours of an Apple iWatch, we’ve heard those Californians are also busy working an all-new, bigger, even more powerful tablet known only as the iPad Pro. Rumours of a businessy iPad have been floating around for ages, but now the internet whispers are building and we could well see the Apple iPad Pro emerge before the year’s end.

Apple iPad Pro all we know so far including specs and UK price and release date

What specs will the iPad Pro pack?

The (literally) big thing about the iPad Pro will be its screen. Several mysterious insider sources have pointed to a 12.9 or 13.3-inch display, a significant jump over the iPad Air’s 8.9-inch screen.

You can also expect a much sharper resolution than Apple’s Retina display, to ensure the visuals remain nicely crisp on that enormous panel. Rumours point to a 2K and 4K model both being in the works, so presumably the 13.3-inch version would rock the 4K screen.

And we’d be shocked if the iPad Pro didn’t pack in a brand new processor (A8, anyone?) to cope with all the complex design software and other creative goodies that are designed to run on it.

There’s also talk of the iPad Pro sporting some nifty new eye-tracking tech, but quite how this will be implemented, we’re not too sure. Hopefully something a bit better than Samsung’s infamous eye-locating trickery from the Galaxy S3, which occasionally stopped the screen from hibernating, when it thought you might no longer be staring wide-eyed at the phone.

When will the iPad Pro hit the UK?

So far it’s all rumours and hearsay, but many Asian sources point to an October 2014 launch, with some venturing for a Spring 2015 release. We reckon 2015 is a safe bet, as Winter 2014 is already shaping up to be a hectic one for Apple: iPhone 6, iOS 8 and potentially that long-awaited iWatch are all tipped to hit in the next month, with a new iPad or 2 also rumoured to land before Christmas.

How much will the iPad Pro cost?

You can bet that the iPad Pro won’t be cheap, and we’d expect prices to start around the £499-£599 mark for the most basic model.



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