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Apple iPads optimised for New York cab credit-card payments

Currently being trialled in New York, custom-designed iPads from Square with a card swipe built into the right hand-side, have been mounted in the back of 30 taxis. It’s part of a scheme to enable more taxi customers to pay using a credit card. 

Traditionally in the US (and the UK) taxi drivers face a higher fee when the customer uses a card. By using the Square-customised iPad tablet fees are dramatically reduced. In addition to accepting paySquare NY Cab iPadments, customers can use the iPad to see their current location on a map and the fare total.

According to Slashgear, if the trial successful the payment system will be rolled out to other New York Taxi’s in the future. This will mean users will be able to brows internet content, as well as making credit-card payments.

Square is a mobile payment company aimed at small businesses. It has produced the Square Card reader, which is small plastic portable device with a credit-card scanner that fits into the 3.5mm jack of a tablet or smartphone, enabling users to accept credit card payments.

The Square Card Reader works with iPad or iPhone and selected Android handsets including the Google Nexus S and HTC EVO 3D.

At the moment the taxi scheme is only being trialled in the US, but we can certainly see it being used in London cabs and. We’ll bring you more information about Square when we get it, find out more from here.

Square Card reader


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