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Apple iPhone 4: What’s the verdict?

Our review of Apple’s latest killer handset is now up. What do we make of it, we hear you cry – you’ll just have to click on over to find out, but rest assured we’re pretty darn impressed.

Find out what we make of that super high-res Retina Display screen, whether or not FaceTime is as pointless as some of us thought it would be on first hearing and how we got on with the much-improved camera. And, of course, how we fared as far as the Death Grip is concerned.

Is the update from the iPhone 3GS enough to keep us satisfied, or should we be expecting more from Apple? And how does the iPhone 4 stand up against its much-improved Google Android competitors? We gave the HTC Desire 5 stars earlier this year, can the iPhone 4 compete?

So what are you waiting for? Get clicking. And, if you were one of the lucky few who managed to nab an iPhone 4 last week, let us know if you agree with our verdicts in the comments – or you can even leave a user review here.


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