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Apple iPhone 4S appears (again) on Vodafone website

Brace for impact, chaps – we’ve got more iPhone 5 rumours incoming. According to a screengrab taken from Vodafone’s German website, the next iPhone in line will be the iPhone 4S, not the iPhone 5. On a listings page for the Elgato Tivizen mobile TV tuner, one eagle-eyed Apple fan spotted a drop-down menu of compatible handsets, which included the iPhone 4S, with nary a peep to be heard from the phone we’ve actually been waiting for, the iPhone 5.

The gadget press have been stirring themselves into a tizzy with all the recent will-they-won’t-they iPhone 5 speculation. First we heard that October 4th would bring an iPhone 5 launch, then an iPhone 4S launch, then both. Then Orange’s CEO said that it would be the iPhone 5 and arrive on the 15th of October, only for a leaked AT&T database shot to suggest an iPhone 4S, and after that we got too excited and had to sit down for a bit.

In answer to all this conflicting hearsay, many are clinging to the hope that Apple will buck its usual trend by releasing two iPhones tomorrow instead of one (both the mid-range iPhone 4S and the all-ringing, all-prancing iPhone 5). But we’re steeling ourselves for disappointment – that “Let’s Talk About iPhone” invite that went out a couple of weeks ago has the green iOS phone logo with a red-circled number one inside it. Much as we’d like to believe otherwise, like panellists in the dullest quiz show ever, we’re interpreting the invite as a single phone launching tomorrow in Cupertino at 10am. Come on, Cook, prove us wrong.

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Source: BGR


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