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Apple iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S launching Oct 4th? Analyst says yes

Round and round we go. Just as we had reconciled ourselves with receiving only a modestly updated iPhone 4S in place of a spanking new iPhone 5, more analysts emerge from the shadows whispering promises of a glittering new iPhone 5 godphone launching on October 4th.

This latest speculation comes from Deutsche Bank’s Wall Street analyst Chris Whitmore, who’s reckoning on the arrival of both a budget-friendly iPhone 4S and glittering new iPhone 5 proper in a week’s time.

Unlike previous iPhone 4S rumours, which suggested that the iPhone 4S would have a similar form factor to the iPhone 4, but boast a faster processor and a better camera, Whitmore reckons the iPhone 4S will be little more than an iPod Touch with an antenna tacked on. This he says would sell for around $300, offering Apple an entry point to the mid-range smartphone market currently dominated by Google and its Android cohorts.

The iPhone 5, meanwhile, will have a complete redesign, featuring an aluminium unibody and beefed up internals, including the new camera we’d originally heard slated for the iPhone 4S. Also back on the cards, if Whitmore is to believed, is the enlarged, edge-to-edge display that would bring Apple more into line with its competitors, who are all increasing their own handsets’ displays to cope better with video and web browsing.

Real or bunkum? We’ll know come October 4th. In the meantime, we’ll add this to the pile.

Source: AppleInsider