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Apple iPhone 5 cases reveal form factor (again)

More shots of yet more protective cases slated to have been tailored for Apple’s new iPhone have been spied by eagle-eyed amateur photographers, these in an AT&T store in the U.S.

The cases seem to bash on the head the rumours that Apple’s latest iPhone will be just an iPhone 4 with slightly tweaked innards (as the 3GS was to the iPhone 3G), as the cases do look like they’ve been made to hold a slimmer phone than the current iPhone 4. Good news there.

The second point of note are the stickers on the casing’s packaging (no, honestly), which identify Apple’s next handset as the iPhone 5, and not the iPhone 4S, just as we predicted in our iPhone 5 features and rumours piece this very morning. Not to sound smug or anything.

So, positive news after what was turning into a pretty harrowing string of rumours suggesting we were only in store for an iPhone 4S come October 4th. Of course, this iPhone 5 case could only be half the story – it doesn’t rule out the possibility that Apple will launch two separate iPhones next week. But for the moment, iPhone 5 is on.

Source: MacRumours


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