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Apple iPhone 5 delayed by touchscreen fault?

The iPhone 5 might be delayed again, we’re hearing, after sources on the production line revealed a possible defect in the displays produced by manufacturers of Apple touchscreens Wintek.

Wintek have since responded that the situation is under control, and that all of its components would be delivered on schedule. According to Digitimes’ anonymous sources, the production process for the iPhone 5 displays is the same as it was for the iPhone 4, meaning the defect should be easily fixable.

We’re not sure exactly what the defect is (Digitimes sources call it a “delayed bubble” – nope, us neither), but as Apple rely on multiple manufacturers for its touchscreens, we wouldn’t expect this production hicough to seriously jeopardise the iPhone 5 launch next month (touch wood).

We’ve been hanging on nearly a full three months longer than expected for the iPhone 5 to drop, after a disappointing no-show at Apple’s WWDC back in June. In the meantime, we’ve heard from CEO of Orange Stephane Richard that the iPhone 5 will land in Europe on October 15th, and that Apple may make up the delay to us by delivering not one but two iPhones before the year is out. We’re also hearing that the announcement of at least one of the new phones will come on October 4th.

Source: Digitimes


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