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Apple iPhone 5 enters production in China

With component shots leaking left, right and centre, you shouldn’t be surprised to find that production of Apple’s iPhone 5 is now supposedly underway. Apple has been pushing its mobile devices out like clockwork, with one iPhone and one iPad per year. It now appears that 2012’s iPhone is finally hitting full-scale assembly on the production floors.

Japanese site Makotora, which recently brought word of Apple’s rumoured $300 iPad Mini tablet, have now heard from sources positioned within Apple’s China-based production line that construction of the iPhone 5 is now under way.

Apple iphone 5 render

The site was also accurate with the production and release times of the iPad 3. Based on previous releases, the iPhone 5 is expected to be unveiled at a special Apple event in September/October time, with its release in primary markets like the US and the UK after the fortnight immediately afterwards.

For those who’ve missed all talk of the iPhone 5, the primary difference cosmetically over its predecessor looks to be a larger 4-inch screen, configured in a 16:9 aspect ratio. What’s more, there will be a new back panel structure supposedly making up a new unibody design. All the rumours, leaks and speculation have already coalesced into some pretty accurate looking 3D renders (as above), which will hopefully tide you over until the phone arrives in earnest in Q4 this year.


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