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Apple iPhone 5 leak: rendered in video

We’ve all see the iPhone 5 leaked back plate on video, now we’ve got a CAD rendering of the iPhone 5 chassis based on the leak created by Blackpool Creative. The iPhone 5 is the phone on the tip of everyone’s tongue now that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been unveiled and released and it will need to be pretty spectacular if it’s going to topple Samsung’s supremacy as our smartphone of the moment. 

If these renders brought to the surface by 9to5mac are anything to go by, it looks an awful lot like the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S off the bat. Look closely however and you’ll be able to make out the suspected 4-inch screen and its longer aspect ratio than that of all other iOS devices. Suggested to come in at 640 x 1136 – near 16:9, that will give it a pixel density of 326 and retaining the Retina Display levels of sharpness held by its predecessor.

iPhone 5 render video

As for the body, we can see a physical home button below the screen, an in-call speaker and front-facing camera above. To the right is what looks like a micro-pin slot for the suspected nano-SIM tray. Around the back of the render is the camera and LED flash. With the aluminium backing, iPhone 5 users should be able to expect a less breakable phone, with the back sporting what looks like attractive blasted detailing upon it. This will include an Apple insignia and information as found on the back of a current gen iPhone. Finally to the left are the volume buttons and the lock slider.

We aren’t treated to the top and bottom of the iPhone 5 in the render, but we already know from the leaked chassis that the bottom will now house the headphone jack and a smaller proprietary charging port. Up top will therefore just be a lone power button. The iPhone 5 is expected to land around September, but anyone who wants to get an idea of some of the perks inside Apple’s next iPhone should stay tuned at the end of the month for Apple’s WDC where the Cupertino company will likely unveil iOS 6. Here’s our iOS 6 rumour round-up to whet your appetite, and if you have any thoughts on the new iPhone 5 renders in the video below just fire us a comment.


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