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Apple iPhone 5 engineering sample photographed in China

At this stage we’re at risk of eating our hats if the upcoming iPhone 5 doesn’t offer users a larger screen. We’ve already seen or heard about a number of sources stating that Apple’s next smartphone will be the first in the family to adopt a display size larger than the current 3.5-inch panel, but this latest morsel of iPhone 5 related eye-candy looks to be hammering the point home in a big way.

As is often the case, it’s the supply chain, based predominantly in China that has provided with some rare shots of what is said to be an official iPhone 5 engineering sample. What appears to be a cast or milled solid metal iPhone 5, sits alongside a ruler giving us a more accurate representation of it alleged scale.

iPhone 5 engineering sample front

The original rumours which now appear to be gaining legitimacy every day, are that the iPhone 5 will sport a 4.08-inch 16:9. This will make watching video content a more enjoyable experience by removing the letterboxing that plagues YouTube and the video player presently. In the samples shown here, the height of the iPhone’s body measures in at, what looks to be 122.5mm tall, whilst the current iPhone 4S only stands 115.2mm tall.

iPhone 5 engineering sample back

By comparison, this iPhone-cum-paperweight measures the same width as the 4S at 58.6mm, which would reflect talk of that 16:9 form factor. The finished article is still a few months off, but proof of its existence such as in cases like this, will only become stronger as we move closer to its announcement. The finished iPhone 5 is expect to offer users a 4-inch display, a metal backed unibody, a redesigned dock connector and there’s potential for the inclusion of NFC.


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