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Two in five iPhone 6s are already knackered

iPhones have never been known for their rugged nature, but a worrying new survey reveals that as many as 42% of current iPhone 6 owners could already be toting a damaged device.

The survey, which was conducted by VoucherCloud, indicates that 42% of the 2173 questioned are already in possession of a damaged iPhone 6, and the issues go way beyond the odd pocket-bent device. According to the survey, 48% of those using damaged devices had suffered from the bending issue, but cracked and scratched screens were the most common issue, affecting 54% of those polled.

41% reported water damage as the culprit for their damaged device too, and 29% cited damaged buttons – with the spread suggesting that there might just be a fair few ways in which the average user has mangled their incredibly expensive smartphone.

Ruggedised phones are becoming the norm on the other side of the Android/iOS divide, with the likes of Samsung and Sony pushing out waterproof, dust-proof devices nowadays. 37% of people who participated in the survey reported that they now regret buying the new iPhone, so it had better not be an issue on which Apple drags its heels.

Indeed 39% of those who were polled stated that they would have rather purchased a Samsung Galaxy S5 instead of their shiny new iPhone 6. Other names which received an honourable mention included HTC’s One M8 and the LG G3.

If you’re an iPhone 6 user and you haven’t already bought a case for your device, you should probably do so pretty soon after these findings. Of course, you also shouldn’t treat your shiny new handset like some Fisher Price toy, so taking it out of your back pocket when you sit down is possibly a good plan too.