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Apple iPhone 6 earphones to measure your pulse

Apple’s iPhone 6 could measure your pulse using some nifty new innovative earphones, tracking your heart rate and blood pressure over time.

Rather than using a rear-mounted heart rate scanner like the Samsung Galaxy S5, Apple’s iPhone 6 will allegedly check your ticker through your ear holes, according to the latest internet rumblings. The iPhone 6’s bundled earphones, or EarPods, will apparently have built-in sensors to track all your stats, according to website

Apple iPhone 6 EarPods could check your heart rate and blood pressure

We’re not entirely convinced that the post is 100 percent truth, however. The EarPods will supposedly plug into the iPhone 6’s lightning port, which raises all kinds of questions – what are you supposed to do if you want to listen to tunes and charge the phone at the same time? Will you have to use some kind of fiddly adapter to plug the EarPods into the audio jack? Do you only need to plug into the lightning port when using the sensors?

The iPhone 6 EarPods will also have built-in iBeacons according to the post, to help track them if they get left on the bus or take a tumble out of your bag. Good idea. as we’re guessing a replacement set will be rather pricey.

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