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Apple confirms iPhone 6 launch date, instigates mass conspiracy theory crap

Apple’s official invites for the iPhone 6 launch have gone public, with September’s launch set to be the biggest yet. And of course, the internet is drowning in an explosion of geek thrill conspiracy theory shenanigans.

If you were anywhere near the internet yesterday evening, chances are you were overwhelmed by an explosion of over-excited tech lovers gibbering on about Apple’s official iPhone 6 launch invite. The invite confirms that September 9th date we already knew about, but many Apple fans have been trying to read even more into it, to work out some specifics ahead of the launch.

Apple iPhone 6 launch invite confirms date and location

We’ve taken a pretty close gander ourselves, and can determine that yep, Apple is most definitely holding an event on the 9th day of the 9th month in this year, 2014 A.D. You can’t even get the dates confused because of the weird backwards way Americans do things, because 9/9 is the same either way around.

We can’t really see this magical sun dial that many enthusiasts have spotted, thus apparently proving absolutely that Apple will be showing off the new iWatch. Quite why Apple would represent smartwatch tech with an ancient outdated method of timekeeping is frankly beyond us. Surely that’s like NIssan sending out a car launch invite with a picture of a horse on it.

Apple’s iPhone 6 launch will be held at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts at De Anza College in Cupertino, where a massive mysterious structure is apparently being built to house the lucky guests. All signs point to it being Apple’s biggest launch yet, which is just as well if it really is make or break time for the company.

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