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iPhone 6’s super-thin battery could make it slimmest phone ever

The iPhone 6 may feature a battery even thinner than the iPhone 5S’s, making for a pleasingly slender smartphone, but it won’t affect battery life…

If you’re not a fan of that chunky iPhone look, then good news! The iPhone 6 could come stuffed with a battery measuring just 2mm thick, which could in turn shave some serious width off the chassis. But don’t assume that’ll mean less life.

According to Digitimes, the next iDevice will still have a similar battery capacity to the iPhone 5S, which offers a battery life of 1560mAh and lasts for around 250 hours on standby. However, some photos released yesterday show what appears to be the iPhone 6’s battery, with a capacity of 1810mAh printed on the back, suggesting we could expect to get more juice from the new flagship.

Apple iPhone 6 could feature a slimmer battery for a much thinner body than previous iPhones

This would agree with rumours released earlier this month, which suggested the iPhone 6’s capacity would range between 1800 and 1900mAh.

Reports also say the rest of the iPhone will be thinner, including the sapphire glass screen which sports in-cell touch technology to make it even slimmer that the iPhone 5S.

Even if Apple does slim down the iPhone 6 by a whole millimetre, making it a rather svelte 6.6mm, the new handset still won’t be the slimmest phone around. Remember the Huawei Ascend P6? That wafer-thin phone measured a piffling 6.18mm. And Samsung is allegedly set to launch the Galaxy Note 4 at the beginning of September, which is rumoured to be the thinnest smartphone ever to hit this planet.

Apple could very well market the iPhone 6 as the iPhone Air, to go alongside the iPad Air and MacBook Air range of lightweight, portable devices. Of course, with competitor smartphones getting much thinner, this will probably come across as a marketing ploy to many – just like the Retina Display trademark.

Previously, rumours have suggested Apple will announce an iPhone 6 in addition to an iPhone Air in September. Could Apple launch one single, super-thin device and scrap its traditional numbering system? We’ll find out pretty damn soon…


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