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Next iPhone launching on September 9th, selling in UK mid-September

Apple’s iPhone 7 launch (or iPhone 6s, depending on which rumours you believe) is scheduled for September 9th 2015, meaning we’ve got less than a month to wait.

The new iPhone 6s or 7 has been subject to the usual barrage of leaks and rumours since about a week after the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus launched, but all speculation will soon come to an end. Sources who are ‘familiar with Apple’s plans’ have revealed that the Cupertino company has scheduled Wednesday September 9th for the big iPhone 6s/7 launch.

Apple’s latest smartphone has already been revealed in various leaked pictures, and seems to sport the same design as the iPhone 6. However, don’t worry about Apple churning out the same old thing just yet. For a start, the internals are all-new, with a fresh new processor running the show.

And the iPhone 6s/7 is expected to pack an excellent updated camera too, offering ‘DSLR quality imaging’.

We’ll be covering the Apple launch live, and expect the iPhone 6s/7 to go on sale in the UK the week after the launch (most likely Friday September 18th). Which also means that iOS 9 will hit our iPhones around the same time.


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