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Apple finally lets ex-users deregister from iMessage

It may have taken a long and frustrating three years, but Apple has finally released a fix to allow former users to de-register from its messaging service, iMessage.

iMessage, which was released back in 2011, lets Apple users send messages to other Apple devices free of charge, but the service has been causing a few issues for people who move over to non-Apple mobiles, without first de-registering their device.

The main issue that users encountered was that messages to their new, non-Apple handset, sent from iPhone/iPad (and later Mac) users simply weren’t arriving. The reason being that those messages were assigned as iMessages, despite no longer being sent to an Apple device.

A new help page which has appeared on the Apple Support site leads users through the process of deregistering their device, even if they no longer own the handset. All you need to do is enter your phone number and country of residence. You’ll then receive a text message from Apple containing a unique six-digit code, which needs to be entered into a second text box on the site.

As soon as you complete that final step, your device will be deregistered from iMessage and normal service should resume.

Apple’s iMessage service has received several updates since the company became aware of the issue but, up until now, they didn’t seem able to find a way to address the problem without sending users jumping through hoops, deregistering their entire device.

If you’re one of the beleagured Apple users that suffered from this problem, we hope the fix works for you. Any problems, let us know in the comments below.