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Apple actually made a new iPod Touch for some reason

We’re not entirely sure why, but Apple has just launched its latest iPod Touch, featuring a range of colours, an 8-megapixel iSight camera and built-in Apple Music support.

The latest iPod Touch’s choice of colours includes fan favourite ‘Space Grey’ (no one at Apple has looked up at night yet, then) and an eye-piercing pink. The shell itself appears to be plastic as usual, just like the iPhone 5c – and like the 5c you get a 4-inch screen to watch videos and play games. No mammoth iPhone 6-sized display here.

One of the big new updates is the 8-meg iSight camera, as well as an improved Facetime camera for taking selfies of your confused/frustrated mug while you try and figure out Apple Music. The thing is also now powered by Apple’s A8 processor, found on its latest range of iPhones.

The new iPod Touch costs £159 for the 16GB model, £199 for the 32GB model, £249 for the 64GB model and £329 for the 128GB model. At which point you might as well just buy yourself a really nice phone.

You can buy the new iPod Touch over at Apple’s UK store right now.


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