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Apple loses claim to iPad name in China

Apple might be dominating tablet sales, but it could see its move into China halted, as the company loses a trade make battle over the iPad name.

Apple’s lawsuit against Proview Technology (Shenzen) for copyright infringement of the iPad trademark, was rejected this week by the Intermediate People’s Court in Shenzan.

Proview registered the iPad trademarked from 2000-2004 in a range of countries including: China, the EU, Mexico, South Korea, Singapore and Indonesia. The Taiwanese arm of the company then sold the global trademark to Apple for £35,000 in 2006.

Apple tried to obtain ownership of the iPad trademarks in 2010, before it started selling the tablet in China, however this was rejected because the name iPad was  owned by Preview Technolgy (Shenzan) – the Chinese side of the company.

Apple took to the courts to try to win back claim to the name – and lost.

Proview Technology is trying to block sales of the iPad in Shenzan and Huizhou, with cases scheduled for December and January in each city.

Apple is trying to crack the Chinese market, with four news stores launching in Beijing and Shanghai and 1000 resellers, conversely the company has seen a selection of fake Apple stores cropping up.

Apple is likely to appeal the decision, so we’ll bring you more news when we get it.


Via: Financial Times, Via: Engadget