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Apple makes nano-SIM patent free for all

In the ongoing battle between Apple and a number of other OEMs, will the nano-SIM ever become a reality? Based on the latest development, there might be a stronger possibility.

Preceding Apple’s latest decision, the proposed nano-SIM format saw stiff competition from the likes of Motorola, RIM and Nokia over growing concerns about the amount of patent control Apple possessed.

cutting a sim down

In this latest development Foss Patents has seen a letter from Apple’s legal team addressed to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) suggests that Apple is going to offer any patents relating to the nano-SIM, royalty-free, so rival manufacturers will be able to use the technology.

This is a surprising development – considering the legal wrangling between Apple and Samsung and Apple and Motorola, we wouldn’t expect Apple to release it’s technology to rivals, but this clearly shows just how strongly it wants to push the nano-SIM format.

Whether or not Apple’s nano-SIM patents get the green light is a matter to be decided at the Smart Card Platform Plenary in southern France later this week. With Apple pushing so heavily and resistance from other OEMs still strong, the outcome remains uncertain, but by then end of the week, the future of SIM card profiles in future devices may have changed. Of course we’ll be bringing you more news when we get it.


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