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Apple New iPad 3: Tips and Tricks

The new iPad has been out for a week now – selling a hugely impressive 3 million units in just three days. With a 9.7-inch Retina Display, quad-core graphics and vastly improved camera, it’s easy to see it’s appeal. Check out what we thought of the new iPad in our review here.

Many people buying the new iPad will be upgrading from the original iPad or iPad 2, but there will certainly be a large number buying their very first tablet.  One of the most appealing things about Apple’s iOS interface is that it’s incredibly user friendly – every feature is a few swipes away – and by delving into the menu you will be able to quickly customise your iPad.  Here are our top tips and tricks for the new iPad.

Apple new iPad white


  • The new iPad is an expensive piece of equipment. When you buy it, you get a years warranty, but we’d certainly suggest getting some insurance to cover theft or damage. You can get Apple Care, but the services it offers won’t be suitable for everyone, so we’d suggest reading this first before shelling out the cash.

    Apple iPad find my iphone

  • One of the first things you need to download from the iTunes app store is ‘Find my iPhone.’  This useful app will help you locate your new iPad should it get lost. Once you’ve set it up with your Apple ID, should you lose your iPad log into the iCloud website  and you’ll be able to see its location on the map. Once located you can choose whether to play a sound, send a message, lock the phone or – worse case scenario – if it’s been stolen you can Remote Wipe (right). 
  • An iPad can contain a lot of personal information – including letters and emails. For an extra level of security we’d suggest adding a four-digit password to the new iPad. Located under General – Passcode Lock, if you activate the Erase Data option after 10 failed password attempts, all data will be deleted.



  • iOS is one of the most user-friendly mobile interfaces, with minimal buttons. At the front there’s a central button you press point to return to the homescreen. A double tap of this button reveals all the open applications, some of which are running in the background. To close an icon press down and click the ‘x’ to Apple iPad security settingsshut down any.
  • Anyone who has used a MacBook Air or Pro laptop will be familiar with gestures, but the iPad support them too, by going: ‘General – Multitaking Gestures On. ‘  Then you’ll be able to swipe up with four fingers to view open application and swipe down with four fingers to view notifications. Swiping left and right using four fingers lets you swap between open applications.
  • You may have chosen to accessorise your iPad with Apple’s SmartCover. As well as protecting the screen and providing a useful stand, by going to General – iPad Cover Lock/ Unlock – On when you shut the cover the new iPad automatically goes into sleep mode.
  • The small side switch above the volume control can be customised too either mute all sound, or lock the orientation to either landscape or portrait. Go to Settings – General – use the Side Switch to…’ and select Lock Rotation or Mute.



  • By default the search engine is Google, but you don’t have to use the big G. Go to Settings – Safari – General – Search Engine and choose either Bing or Yahoo.
  • Filling forms in on websites can be tedious but by entering information before efore your details will be entered automatNew iPad Spotlight Searchically. Go to Settings – Safari – AutoFill – On.
  • You can also ensure Safari remembers your password details for websites, but although this might save time, we’d advise against it if you share your iPad with others. This is found in Settings – Safari – General – AutoFill – Names and Password – On
  • If you want to quickly find something on your device swipe left from the homescreen and you’ll notice a new window called Spotlight Search. Type a few words of a search term and it will list matching items on the iPad, including: Contacts, Applications, Music and Mail. Determine the features it searches by going to: General – Spotlight Search
  • Spotlight also has another useful feature; it’s a shortcut to a web search. Type the name of the item you want to search at the top (right) and at the very bottom of the list are options to  Search Web and Search Wikipedia.



  • It’s easy to add email accounts to your iPad, go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars – Accounts – Add Account
  • You can choose the way messages look in your inbox by going: Settings – Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  1. Show: how many messages are in your Inbox – the default is 50, right up to 1000. We’d suggest 50 for personal use.
  2. Preview: how many lines of the message will be on display: the default is 2 Lines, but the more lines you have, the more information you’ll be able to read without opening the message
  3. Minimum Font Size:the default is Medium, but if you have problems with your eye site, we’d suggest Extra Large or Giant
  • By default every email you send from your iPad ends with the signature: ‘sent from my iPad.’ Change this by going to Settings – Mail, Contacts, Calendars – Mail – Signature and entering your details.






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