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Apple patent reveals smudge-proof iPhone?

After years of defacing Apple’s products with our greasy fingerprints, it looks like Jobs & Co. have finally started a proper campaign to rid its products of the unsightly blemishes. We knew we weren’t just holding it wrong.

Apple’s products currently come coated with what’s known as an “oleophobic” (from the Greek ‘oleo’ meaning ‘oil’, classics fans) coating, which reduces the effect of oily fingerprints. However, the coating’s effectiveness diminishes over time, as any Apple fan will grudgingly tell you.

The new method, detailed in an unearthed patent from, replaces the air in the coating process with an inert gas, which reportedly reduces the risk of “undesired chemical reactions” with the coating agent during the application, which spoil the coating’s effectiveness. Or something. It’s pretty complicated.

What all that means for the consumer is an iDevice that will reject greasy marks for longer, finally putting an end to half a decade of wiping down our iPhones and iPads on our t-shirts. Thank you, science!

Via: Electricpig, Applepatent


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