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Apple patents future iPad stand; maybe built-in, maybe not

According to a recently released patent application, Apple’s attempts at an iPad stand will be compatible with both landscape and portrait orientations. Involving a joint inside the stand design, it’ll be able to rotate between the two positions.

How it will attach to the iPad is yet to be decided; Apple’s documents show that it could be anything from screws, magnets, and adhesives (no thanks), to suction-based ‘technology’.

The stand would have a tactile feedback feature, where you can ‘feel’ the stand rotate to each different setting, and it would resist at each notch, which “facilitates the user finding a particular support position.”

It’s not rocket science- it’s a stand for your iPad, and there are plenty already out there, but it does prove that Apple are continuing to design and patent accessories for its own devices.

Apple don’t reveal whether it would be an integral part of any forthcoming devices, saying that “support unit 30 may be sold separately”, and we’re wondering whether an awkward bracket or gaping screw holes could upset Apple’s delicate design sensibilities on the design of the next iPad. Then again, if anyone can design and implement a stylish and subtle stand, it’ll be the Cupertino crew.

Curiously, the patent was originally filed in 2009, and has only recently been released by the US Patent Office.


Via: Patently Apple


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