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Apple Pay not a threat to UK rival Zapp

Mobile payment solution Zapp has no plans to pull a Walmart on Apple Pay when it comes to the UK, accepting its rival with open arms.

Just a few days ago we reported that Walmart and friends planned to block Apple Pay across its stores, to gain the monopoly with its own upcoming mobile payment system, CurrentC. In fact, retailers such as Best Buy, CVS and Rite Aid have actually been modifying or completely disabling their NFC hardware so that Apple Pay cannot be used.

However, UK equivalent Zapp has come out in support of Apple Pay, saying that it has no intention of blocking the service and that it hopes to work harmoniously with Apple’s new pet project.

A representative for Zapp said “Terms of a Zapp partnership won’t conflict with a partner choosing to use Apple Pay. The two technologies can easily run together. If anything, Apple Pay will help promote the benefits of mobile payments to consumers which is a good thing. We think there will be three or four trusted mobile payments providers in the UK. Apple may be one of those, Zapp certainly will be.”

It was initially thought that Walmart-owned Asda might be one UK retailer to take a similar tack as those across the Atlantic, but Asda is already on-board with Zapp, along with the likes of Sainsbury and House of Fraser. It certainly appears as if there will be no quibbling from the company over Apple Pay’s introduction either.

Both Zapp and Apple Pay are due to launch in the UK next year.


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