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Apple releases a U2 removal tool to stop ‘Songs of Innocence’ from polluting your music collection

It’s fair to say that U2’s latest album won’t be to everybody’s tastes. Thankfully, based on a rather strong reaction to Apple’s latest giveaway the company has published a one-click solution remove it completely.

Remove Album - Bono

Last Tuesday there were a number of big announcements on stage at Apple’s big presentation. We met two new iPhones, a new smartwatch and just when we thought that was it, Tim Cook pulled a fast one on us all and wheeled Bono and his merry band of U2-ers out on stage. The final ‘surprise’ of the morning was the promise of the band’s latest album, ‘Songs of Innocence’ would be released, for free to every iTunes customer in the “largest album release in history”.


Well it turns out you can’t even give U2 away; the initial reaction in the auditorium was a round of forced applause, followed by a wave of displeasure hitting social media channels like Twitter.





Part of iTunes customer’s disgust came from the fact that the album would automatically add itself to their music libraries and download to their iOS devices on the sly without question. Some might consider this an issue in privacy or user control, others just don’t want to listen to U2 and we can understand that. Really.

Eventually catching onto the collective disdain, six days after the album’s release, Apple published instructions on how to remove the album from user’s iTunes libraries, accounts and iOS devices, but as of today they’ve streamlined the process into a one-click solution.

'Remove album' - U2, Songs of Innocense
Click this image to jump to the actual ‘Remove album’ page

On removing Songs of Innocence, you should be able to re-download it for free should you wish up until October 13th, after which it’ll become a conventional paid album purchase on the iTunes store.

Are you holding onto U2’s latest offering or sending it packing back to Apple? Who would you have liked Apple to partner with instead, let us know in the comments below.



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