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Apple iPhones to sense your mood soon?

Apple is seeking to patent a technology which can figure out how you’re feeling, and then deliver content based on your mood. 

Your trusty iPhone might soon be able to tell how you feel, as Apple are seeking a patent for a mood-sensing technology. The empathetic tech will work out how you feel, and then deliver content based on your particular mood – presumably a grumpster will have fresh cat videos delivered to their face, to brighten their day.

Apple’s patent claims to figure out your mood by asking you how you feel. By establishing a “baseline mood profile”, other moods will be generated, and a “confidence score” will guess what mood you’re in based on the mood profile.

However, the patent also suggests some users might not like having their moods guessed, and this could “quickly lead to user aggravation, and likely a majority of users reporting a similar mood.” That mood being ‘well narked off at their smartarse phone’, presumably.

What are your feelings on this mood-sensing technology? Does it make you happy? Jealous? A wee bit melancholic with a hint of self-loathing? Let us know by posting in the comments below.


Source: The Register

Image credit: Ann Larie Valentine


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