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Apple set to destroy DSLRs with iPhone 7 camera tech

Apple has snapped up an Israeli firm which specialises in advanced camera technology, sparking rumours that the iPhone 7 could be a real DSLR beater.

Apple confirmed the acquisition of LinX International earlier today via the usual template response when asked about the deal. “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans,” an Apple spokesman said, revealing about as much as you’d expect.

However, given the fact that LinX International is a firm that develops camera modules which it states are “leading the way to DSLR performance in slim handsets,” it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what Apple likely has in mind.

LinX specialises in developing miniature multi-aperture cameras designed for mobile devices, giving us cause to suspect that Apple has a dual-sensor plan in the offing. And if the timings are right, we could possibly see the sexy camera tech in Apple’s next handset, the iPhone 6s or iPhone 7.

As well as boasting excellent HDR and low-light performance, LinX’s technology allows for all kinds of neat features including 3D object modelling. This works thanks to some smart proprietary algorithms and the multiple camera sensors, which capture images at the same time to deliver a three-dimensional image map of an object.

And of course you’ll have the ability to re-focus your images after they’ve been captured, just like with the HTC One M8‘s Ultrapixel camera, which also packed two lenses.

Apple’s purchase of LinX is rumoured to have set the company back around $20 million (£13.5 million), which could turn out to be a comparatively small outlay given the potential returns which the company’s cutting edge camera tech could deliver.

Were the iPhone 7 to make it to market with a camera on-par with even a modest DSLR, it would be a huge coup that could likely convince iPhone 6 adopters to upgrade early. And if rumours regarding Sharp’s new 4K IGZO screens being featured on Apple’s upcoming device are true too, the iPhone 7 could be an industry-changing piece of hardware.

Let’s just hope Apple doesn’t do its usual trick and slap an 1,800mAh battery in the thing.


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