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Apple tablet guru Michael Tchao’s fave iPad apps? Here’s a list.

When it comes to touchscreen tablet gurus, you don’t get much more guru-like than Michael Tchao. He was heavily involved in the creation of the original Newton tablet at Apple, before leaving the company. However, last October he was poached back from Nike for a VP of product marketing role. Yes, iPad.

In other words, he’d be a good man to get some iPad app recommendations from. Today at the MIPCOM conference in Cannes, we got them. Not from the horse’s mouth – Tchao isn’t here. However, one of his former Apple colleagues Ferhan Cook was moderating a session on iPad apps, which she finished off by showing a list on-screen of Tchao’s recommendations.

Recombu was there, so naturally scribbled them down as if our life depended on it. So, what are they? Find the list below:

– Heart Pro 3D
– Flipboard
– Sound Prism
– Marble Mixer
– Edition 29 Architecture
– Financial Times
– Photo Cookbook
– Labyrinth
– The Elements
– Starwalk
– Pianist Pro
– Brushes
– Tab Toolkit
– Scrabble

There is a full liveblog of Cook’s session, in which she presented her own selection of innovative iPad apps and got comments from a panel of experts.


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