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Apple testing Siri on the iPhone 4?

Could Siri be headed to the iPhone 4? Apple is apparently testing voice-assistant Siri on other mobile phones.

Jailbreaknation is reporting that Apple is testing Siri specifically on the iPhone 4. Apple employees have been given access to version of the software that incorporates Siri on older devices.

Currently Siri only runs on Apple’s latest device, the iPhone 4S, however in terms of hardware, it doesn’t seem to  need anything extra to run on the older model, in fact just a few weeks after the phones launch, footage was released showing Sir running on a jail broken Apple iPhone 4.

If Siri was to become available the update would be via a software upgrade. If true it would be a big surprise. With the exception of the improved camera and dual-core processor, Siri is one of the few unique features of the iPhone 4S.

 However at the very least it would certainly make sense for Siri to be available at least to the Apple iPad 2, which is still a relatively new product.

Appadvice also reports that test was successful, with the exception of the iPod Touch, where the built-in microphone was less effective.

Of course this is a rumour at the moment and Apple testing something does not automatically mean the feature will appear on the iPhone any time soon.  Reports also suggest Apple restored its employee’s phones to original stock software, in a bid to ensure privacy.

In the UK of course, we’ve yet to see Siri running at its full potential until business search becomes available. But if true this is fantastic news for Apple customer base and all the iPhone 4 users out there.

Via: Jailbreaknation