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Apple to drop iPod Classic and iPod Shuffle, focus on iPod Touch

After years of service to music lovers everywhere, Apple may be finally pulling the last of its old-school click wheel iPod line: the iPod Classic. Also rumoured for the chop is the iPod Shuffle, which has become increasingly less and less desirable in the face of the modestly price and ever-shrinking iPod Nano.

According to TUAW, Apple are ditching the iPod Classic as part of its continuing transition to flash memory, while the Classic continues to kick it old school with an actual, spinning hard disk. Good for indie cred, bad for storing your tunes, as Apple has had some pretty bad experiences with hard drives knackering themselves and rendering the iPods in question unusable. Flash memory also keeps the weight down while getting your tunes playing faster, all bonuses you forego if you opt to purchase a Classic from Apple before it’s discontinued.

Apple are rumoured to be making the announcement at their press conference on October 4th, while all of the tech world is gathered round hungry for news of the iPhone 5 (or iPhone 4S, and it’s even money it will turn out to be). Still rocking one of the classic iPods? Opinions, responses and wild speculation all in the comments below, please.

Source: TUAW