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Apple to unveil ‘cloud services offerings’, new iOS 5 for iPhone and iPad ranges

Straight from Apple’s mouth, this year’s developer conference will be all about the software- that is; no new hardware.

Of note; Steve Jobs will be there alongside other Apple bigwigs for the keynote address, all set to start on Monday 6th June.

iOS 5 will be a software upgrade for both the iPhone and iPad ranges, though there are rumours that the iPhone 3GS may not see the new version, and edge into retirement.

Whether Jobs will have ‘one more thing’ up his sleeve (he didn’t at the iPad 2 launch earlier this year) remains to be seen.

The big news is the cloud services- dubbed the iCloud, which looks like it’ll bring a streaming music service to iOS devices. How it’s all going to work? We’ll have to wait until Monday to see.

An iPhone 5 would have tied well numerically with the software update…

Source: Apple

Picture credit: Appolicious


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