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Apple Watch 2 launching next year

According to rumours from Seoul, Apple is already hard at work on the successor to the Apple Watch – but will this finally be the wearable fans deserve, and what features would you like to see?

According to South Korean sources, Apple has agreed a deal with LG for the company to produce the displays for the Apple Watch 2, which is reportedly headed for a 2016 launch.

Apple apparently thought long and hard about who to approach to craft the P-OLED screens for its next watch and the company finally decided to retain LG’s services due to the company’s peerless manufacturing performance, though there could be more at work than simple performance analysis.

Apple’s decision to support South Korea’s second biggest smartphone maker could also be taken as a ‘screw you’ to the country’s biggest mobile manufacturer: Samsung.

In the past, Apple has used a number of component suppliers when developing new tech, including Samsung, but the move to utilise only LG in this case – which happens to be Samsung’s major domestic rival – could certainly be interpreted as a raised middle finger. And given the pair’s not-too-subtle digs at each other in recent times, we’d not at all be surprised.

Regardless of the impetus behind Apple’s decision, the fact that the company has already drafted in a concrete partner to provide screen technology would appear to indicate that work towards the Apple Watch 2 is moving ahead at pace, a mere month and a half after the first Watch went on sale. That’s not surprising in the smartwatch market of course, with most manufacturers already working on their second or third wearable.

And with Apple already announcing loads of new features for the first Apple Watch, we’re interested to see what the Cupertino company can do to improve the almost-but-not-quite original.

The belief is that Apple will seek to deliver the Watch 2 next April, but of course the first suffered quite long delays due to last-minute fixes, so we’d be happy for Apple to just take its time and get this one right.


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