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Here’s what the Apple Watch’s companion app will look like

Apple’s first wearable is tantalisingly close to launch and while we still don’t have a definitive due date, screenshots of its companion app have surfaced, giving us greater insight into the timepiece’s proposed functionality.

It turns out that the beta release of iOS 8.2, which is currently seeding to developers, featured a pretty notable hint regarding a dedicated Apple Watch app within your device’s Bluetooth menu, stating ‘To pair an Apple Watch with your iPhone, go to the Apple Watch app.’

Just a day later and 9to5Mac produced a myriad of screenshots showcasing this mysterious app in far greater detail. Dubbed the Apple Watch “Companion” app, its various capabilities range from being able to toggle between 12 and 24-hour time to homescreen icon placement of the various compatible apps.

The Apple Watch looks like it’ll have a pretty robust feature set at launch

The activity tracking chops of the Apple Watch have been heavily touted by its creators and users will have the option to receive reminders to move around if stationary for extended periods, as well as the ability to receive achievements and weekly rundowns of their fitness progress.

A previously unheard of feature also makes an appearance, in the form of Monogram. Like its analogue counterpart, this segment of the app will let you display up to four characters on your chosen watch face, adding a little extra individuality into the mix. Typically a monogram spells out the initials of your name, but unless there’s some sort of profanity filter within the companion app, we wouldn’t be surprised if you could spell out all sorts of four-letter words should the mood grab you.

We still don’t have a definitive launch date for the Apple Watch as was stated earlier, but that fact that it’s finally starting to appear in the latest builds of iOS suggests that we won’t have long to wait.


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