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Apple win out over Samsung on 3G patents in the UK

A UK court ruled in favour of Apple earlier this week following patent disputes between the American electronics giant and their leading Korean rivals Samsung.

In this instance, Samsung claimed that Apple’s mobile devices; namely the iPhone, utilised methods of processing data over 3G networks which infringed on patents held by them. These claims were then denied earlier today by a UK court, leaving Apple free to continue to sell their iDevices here in the UK without worry.

Apple iPhone 5 & Samsung Galaxy S3

This latest development follows on from a long-standing patent war between the two tech giants, which last resulted in a major win by Apple in the US regarding a number of patents and a plethora of Samsung mobile devices, as well as a minor win for Samsung in the UK referring to the original Samsung Galaxy Tab. Reuters said that whilst Apple declined to comment, a Samsung spokesperson responded to the decision with disappointment, stating: “Upon a thorough review of the judgment we will decide whether to file an appeal.

As it stands this may or may not be the last in the patent trail which stretches back into 2011 and beyond, but If we’re lucky, the shift to 4G (LTE) will help bury the long-standing mess, although we suspect the 3G-related lawsuits will simply be replaced with the likes of 4G-centric patent altercations going forward, such is the nature of the mobile industry.


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