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Apple Smart Cover patent brings wireless on-the-go charging to future iPads

Slowly but surely, wireless charging is becoming more mainstream, with brands like Powermat creating a myriad of wireless charging accessories for consumer’s existing choice tech and more recently the likes of Nokia have integrated a Qi-standard wireless charging system into a number of their latest Lumias. This most recent discovery however suggests that Apple might now be onboard with wireless charging too.

Sure Apple’s Phil Schiller has already expressed reservations about the implementation of wireless charging stations, telling AllThingsD, “having to create another device you have to plug into the wall is actually, for most situations, more complicated,” but based on a newly uncovered patent filed by Apple in 2011, their screen protector of choice, the iPad’s Smart Cover, may see an upgrade in the future to endow the tablet with wireless charging capabilities on-the-go.

Apple charging smart cover

Engadget state that the patent in question is currently under scrutiny by the USPTO and demonstrates an Apple Smart Cover concealing an “inductive power transmitter,” which corresponds to a similar coil integrated into the iPad itself. The details of the application state that the wireless charging system would kick in with the use of magnetic attachments with the intention of being able to potentially store power in the Smart Cover to top up the tablet when a user is out and about.

Naturally we don’t know if or when Apple will turn this application into a reality and for the moment, they have to wait on the USPTO to come to a decision before they proceed, but future iOS device might be able to do away with the lightning connector, or whatever other connection system they go on to use, going forward.


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