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Apple’s 10 billionth app: Paper Glider

Last week, Apple offered a massive $10,000 iTunes gift card for the person who would download their 10 billionth app. The winning app (in a way- think of the free publicity!) was Paper Glider, downloaded by a woman from Orpington last weekend.

Paper Glider, currently the number one free app in the UK, was also developed here, by Neon Play, based in Cirencester.

The free game challenges you to glide a paper plane through a busy office, dodging air fans and out the window. You then have to coax the plane as far as possible from the window, using a limited amount of wind to aid the plane, eking out the air time.

The game marks all your attempts arcade-style, your three initials, meaning you can pass the phone around to friends or family who challenge your paper plane-flying authority.

When the winner, Gail Davis, was told she was a winner, she initially thought it was a hoax. Talking to BBC Radio 5 Live, she said, “I had no idea when Apple phoned me, I thought it was a prank and I declined to take the phone call.”

Treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em keen, Gail.

Via; Apple and Press Association.


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