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Apple’s new Ping music social network works on iPhone too

Apple has revamped its iTunes Store with a new music-focused social network called Ping, which works on iPhone and other iOS devices as well as on your desktop (desktop version pictured).

At Apple’s launch tonight, CEO Steve Jobs described it as “a social network for music – sort of like Facebook and Twitter meet iTunes. It’s not Facebook, it’s not Twitter, it’s something else we’ve come up with.”

You’ll be able to follow friends and famous bands/singers – Lady Gaga already has a profile – and allow others to follow you in return. It’s based around a news feed of what your friends have been liking, commenting on and buying from iTunes.

Jobs explained that on iPhone, Ping will show up in the iTunes application, allowing you to see your feed (and presumably do all the liking and commenting) right from your handset. Artists will also have their own profiles with the ability to post video and photos – something regular users can’t do – but it’s unclear at this point whether that stuff will also be viewable on iPhone.


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