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Appletics Event: what to expect from the future of apps

We headed to North Greenwich this morning where we met up with a mix of established names and startup developers who’ve come to Appletics to show off their latest creations, intended for iOS and Android.

We picked up some hands-on time with a number of games, utilities and even medical equipment to bring you an overview of some exciting products fresh on the market.

Appletics event

Ravensburger Puzzles

We spoke with Ravensburger who demonstrated to us the latest developments in puzzle technology. Legitimately, Ravensburger have brought the classic 1000 piece puzzle into the modern day with an augmented reality twist for iOS devices.

Holding the company’s dedicated app in front of any of their new puzzles initiates an AR experience unique to each set. A puzzle depicting a nighttime shot of Paris transports you to a gyroscope-based 360 degree panorama with context sensitive information on the local sights, taken from the top of the city’s iconic tower. Other AR experiences included transforming a log cabin/mountain scene from summer to winter by making it snow and playing a ‘spot the fish’ game with 3D fish swimming in front of your eyes.


Elite CommandAR

AppGear brought an array of augmented reality games to the floor, but we were most impressed by their latest release; Elite CommandAR. Players make use an app-friendly gun peripheral which allows you to switch between laser blaster and grenade launched, not forgetting it also gives you a place to put your trigger finger. By attaching an iPod touch, in our case, we were able to navigate around a Sci-Fi world, simply by aiming the blaster. The type of game that really makes augmented reality worth using.

Elite CommandAR

Griffin Studio Connect

One of the most notable names in smartphone accessories, Griffin’s latest products focus on linking the analogue and the digital realms of music together. The best and brightest of the company’s latest devices, dubbed ‘studio connect’ offers iPad musical maestros the ability to plug in MIDI-savvy devices as well as output via quarter-inch jack or phono, for use with apps such as Garage Band.

We’ve seen apps demoed at WWDC which show off the iPad’s music credentials, but now users have an affordable, accessible peripheral to really give it a go for themselves. The company also offered a more stripped down ‘MIDI Connect’ and for axe heads; ‘Guitar Connect’.

Griffin Studio Connect


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