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AR Labyrinth Game and Layar turns your Android phone into a Windows 95 screensaver

Remember the ‘3D Maze’ screensaver that was a feature of good old Windows 95? Well imagine that on an Android phone as an augmented reality layer and that’s pretty much what you get with this AR Labyrinth Game.

The app puts you inside a huge virtual maze and is clearly meant to be played outside or in empty warehouses. It’s an add on for Layar so you’ll need to have that installed as well. When you fire up the Labyrinth app (which appeared as ‘Maze’ in our app launcher) you’ll be given the option of viewing it through a Layar or a number of browsers – check the ‘always use this option’ box and choose Layar to save having to do this again.

With the British weather being what it is, this is also a game you’ll only want to play in the summer.

Things we’d like to see in updates for AR Labyrinth Game include the ability to load up smaller mazes for those of us who don’t have access to massive acres of open space and the ability to customise the walls, floor and ceiling of the mazes.


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