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Archos 35 Home Connect: Hands-on video and first impressions

The Archos 35 Home Connect is a portable radio with a difference. It runs on Android 2.2 Froyo and using the Archos Remote Control app, you’ll be able to use your Android phone as a remote control for it.

Perhaps just as well, as the touchscreen is resistive and so navigating the media player functions is actually easier using a remote control compared to swiping on the 3.5-inch display with your fingers.

The TuneIn Radio Pro app comes pre-installed, so you’ve got a radio app to start playing with out ofthe box. The microSD card slot in the back means you an dsideload your own tunes in and blast them through the 35 Home Connect’s twin speakers via the stock Music app.

Update: the Android Market isn’t present on the Archos 35 Home Connect. The AppsLib store instead is pre-installed on the 35 Home Connect and neither the Spotify or apps are available to download through it. Shame.


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