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Archos’ super-cheap VR headset to compete with Google Cardboard

Archos is looking to capitalise on people’s renewed interest in virtual reality with its new Archos VR Glasses, a cheap-as-chips £25 headset.

The VR Glasses, besides making folk look like everyone’s favourite ditzy robot Wall-E, aim to give people a glimpse of virtual reality at a fraction of the price, by harnessing the power of your HD-enabled smartphone.

Archos VR Glasses are super cheap and work with any Android device under 6 inches
Archos VR Glasses are super cheap and work with any Android device under 6 inches

The VR Glasses go over your noggin like a visor and your smartphone slides into them, allowing you to watch movies in a theatre-like setting, play immersive games (including over 100 compatible virtual reality apps) and even watch 3D movies – with the help of Archos’ own app.

The system is compatible with any smartphone (up to 6-inches in size) across all platforms, so if you’re an iOS, Android or Windows Phone user, you’re covered. If you’re after the optimum experience, Archos suggests you use a Full HD smartphone with a 5-inch screen, quad-core CPU (or better) and an accelerometer and gyroscope too.

The VR Glasses evoke memories of Samsung’s Gear VR, which launched alongside the Galaxy Note 4 last month, but at just £24.99 they’re a fraction of the price, making them a much more realistic and attainable method of dipping your toe into the tepid water of virtual reality. That ridiculous costing has arguably been the biggest stumbling block of VR technology to date, with only Google Cardboard (and Recombu’s own-brand version, which actually preceeded Cardboard by a few years) coming close to affordable.

If you’d like to pick up some Archos VR Glasses, you can do so in November, direct from the company.