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Arjen Robben gets his own Doodle Jump clone for iPhone

Sadly, the Netherlands failed to win the World Cup final and prove Psychic Paul the Octopus wrong on Sunday night, despite daring new tactics of kicking Spanish players as much as the ball. Say goodbye, Total Football, say hello, Total Karate.

Still, there’s consolation (of a kind) for Dutch winger Arjen Robben. He’s the subject of a tribute iPhone game called RobbenJumper. Here’s the App Store description in full: “Best Dutch player! jump to the top! Just like doodle jump only now more real with Robben”.

That’s right, a cheap Doodle Jump clone with Arjen Robben as the main character, and his name on some clouds. If it was truly realistic, of course, whenever he lightly brushed an object or enemy, he’d fall to the ground screaming and roll around for 20 seconds. Something tells us that feature got left out…


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