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Aro Mobile beta hooks up your email accounts, texts and contacts, makes your Android smartphone smarter

Have you ever got an email from someone on your Android phone, scrolled down to the signature at the bottom to get their number and then copied and pasted said number into your address book? I have. Many times.

Though this is certainly better than having to manually write the number down and enter it into your contacts, it feels about as old fashioned as having to do that. It’s certainly not something you feel you should have to do on a smartphone.

This is where Aro Mobile comes in, an ingenious piece of software for Android that’s going to make this a whole lot easier. It looks a lot like a layer or custom Android UI but it’s much more than that.

Aro Mobile allows you to add names and numbers emailed to you directly to your address book with just a couple of clicks. Its software recognises things like names and numbers in messages so you no longer have to dig out the old copy and paste tool from the email settings and feebly poke away at your Android phone’s screen.

Aro also recognises other things like place names, dates and addresses. So if you get a message telling you about an event, you can tap an address name and Aro will fire up Google Maps to locate the venue. You can then go back and save event details directly to your Android phone’s calendar by tapping on the date. Aro Mobile basically allows you do perform loads of elementary phone actions from one page.

There’s loads more it can do as well; check out the video below for a fuller idea of how Aro Mobile works.

Sadly Aro Mobile is only in beta at the moment, and a private one at that. You can apply to join by clicking here and entering the details in the form but you won’t get an invite straight away. Batches of invites get rolled out daily so sit tight. Excited? You bet we are.

Source: [Gigaom]


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