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Asda predicts the end of the landline, offers special £5 PAYG tariff

Asda have announced a special £5 tariff for its Pay As You Go customers that gives them 100 texts and 100 minutes of calling in October. According to Asda, they’re offering up the deal in light of recent polling, which indicates that fewer and fewer of its customers are interested in making and receiving calls from their landlines and are switching to mobiles exclusively.

According to Asda’s polling data, one in five 18-34 years olds don’t even have landlines at home, with two thirds of the same group saying that they could get along just fine without a dedicated home phone. Nearly half of 18-34 year olds with home phones don’t use them, according to Asda.

So with landlines on the way out, Asda’s starting to phase out their landline phones and focus on PAYG mobiles, starting with this £5 deal running this month – half the price of its standard £10 entry tariff.

“Standing in one place to make a call just doesn’t make sense anymore, nor does untangling the wire, so we’ve decided to hang up on sales of landline phones.” says James McMurrough, Asda’s mobile buyer. “The truth is that mobiles are more powerful, more affordable and more convenient and there just isn’t a compelling reason to have a landline phone anymore.”


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