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Ask Ziggy Siri-alike hits Windows Phone Marketplace, the ultimate pub quiz companion

Just as Apple made everyone think that videocalling on phones was cool again with Facetime, it seems to have inspired everyone to crack on with Siri-alike voice activated services. We’re all for seeing voice recognition improving – Google Voice Actions was anything but polished when it first landed – so we’re excited to see Ask Ziggy arriving for Windows Phone phones.

Available to download from the Marketplace now for free, Ask Ziggy works like a charm and, amazingly, doens’t seem to be ad-supported.

Tap the microphone icon at the bottom, ask your question and Ziggy will do its thing, whether it’s a mathematical question or you’re after some delicious antonyms.

Tapping on the question speech bubble once Ask Ziggy has answered you will bring up a list of web searches the app has pulled up as well if you want a more in depth answer.

In cases where the answer is too long for Ask Ziggy’s synthetic voices to process (you’ve got a choice of male and female versions), it’ll just say ‘I have something for you’ and redirect you to the web search results for your query.

So far, so Siri-ously good. Check out WPCentral’s video for a better idea of how it all works, and tap the app link below to download Ask Ziggy on your Windows Phone phone.

When you’re using Ask Ziggy to find out how many golf balls would fit into an Olympic-sized swimming pool, just make sure the pub quizmaster isn’t looking your way at the time.


Source: WPCentral