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Asus and Motorola to make the next Nexus tablet and smartphone this year?

The Google Nexus 7 lit the fuse on the popularity of small, affordable Android tabs last year and Asus, its creator, recently pulled the covers off a 2013 refresh that offers the same affordable slate goodness in a newer, more refined package. The new Nexus 7 also signifies Google’s continuing faith in Asus’ ability to create hardware perfectly suited to showcase the company’s pure Android experience.

Such faith looks to be paying off for Asus too, as according the Taiwanese manufacturer has now been tasked with creating a successor to last year’s 10-inch stock Android tablet, the Nexus 10.


The original Nexus 10 was made by Samsung and despite offering a premium design and an incredibly high-resolution display, it wasn’t able to approach the lofty heights of success experienced by its 7-inch sibling. That’s not to say that the magic ingredient is Asus in this technological recipe, but it’s fair to assume that bringing both tablets under one manufacturer will make for a more cohesive design and manufacturing process.’s sources claim that just as with the current Nexus 10, it’s successor will feature the same high resolution display, most likely sport a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset and be available sometime in Q4 this year from Google Play directly or Best Buy in the US.

Nexus-branded tablets arrived on the scene for the first time last year, but the Nexus name first started with smartphones and last year’s LG-made Nexus 4 is the most recent offering in this regard. Texas-based tech writer and founder of Android and Me Taylor Wimberly claims (On Google+) that Moto X aside, Motorola are in-line to create the next Nexus handset.

It’s little surprised that Motorola’s name crops up, now being under Google’s ownership, but with the Moto X not arriving with Android 4.3, there has been doubt surrounding just how closely tied Google intends Motorola to be in the development of Android going forward.


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